Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is frozen fish as good as fresh fish?

Yes. Our selection of sustainable, premium-quality seafood is marinated to perfection and frozen at the height of freshness. Grocery counter fish is often frozen and thawed before sale, allowing more time for the thawed fish to go bad.

Q: Is Morey’s Seafood sustainable?

We believe premium taste comes with premium responsibility. So, it is our duty to help protect our oceans and their inhabitants. We are dedicated to environmentally responsible aquaculture practices. We carefully choose our suppliers to ensure they are highly reputable: nearly all of our seafood is sourced from certified suppliers or from Fishery Improvement Projects working towards sustainability certification.

Q: What can I make with frozen seafood?

The beauty of Morey’s Seafood is that our flavors are carefully crafted so you can create a five-star dinner at home any night of the week by adding your favorite side. Our seafood can also be substituted for the main protein in many dishes. Browse our recipe section for inspiration.

Q: Where is Morey’s Seafood created?

Usually such a tasty fact would remain a secret. Our fish is processed and value-added at our plant in Motley, Minnesota.

Q: Where can I find Morey’s Seafood?

We knew you couldn’t resist. So we created a page just for this. Check out the product locator button on the top of the Morey’s homepage or click here. Be sure to check back regularly as our sales team is working diligently to get Morey’s products in your area.

Q: Which wines pair best with seafood?

No great-tasting fish is the same. So we made you a guide to find the right pairing in our recipe section. Not into wine? We also offer cocktail and beer selections for each dish.

Q: What are omega-3 fatty acids?

Omega-3 (n-3 polyunsaturated) fatty acids are essential fats that your body needs to function properly but does not make. While supplements are available, the best source for Omega-3 is through food, such as salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, or shellfish. “Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease…”*

*Source: FDA

Q: Is Salmon Skin Edible? 

While the skin is edible, we currently do not scale the salmon, as we recommend removing the skin before consuming for a more pleasurable eating experience. The skin is left on for ease in cooking.

Q: Is Morey’s salmon wild or farmed?

Morey’s sells both quality Atlantic (farmed) salmon and Wild Pacific Salmon. The product package states either “Wild” or “Atlantic” salmon on the packaging. If it states “Atlantic” it is farmed, and if it states “Wild” it is wild caught. Morey’s believes in selling quality products and supplying our customers with the necessary information so the consumer can make an informed purchase.

Q: What is Keta Salmon?

Keta salmon is one of many species of Wild salmon. Salmon texture is tender but firm. It has a medium to fine flake and should be pink in color. We use this kind of salmon to marinate and to hot smoke as its firm texture is ideal for smoking.

Q: What is Pink Salmon?

Pink salmon is one of many species of Wild salmon. It is lean and the has a firm, meaty texture. Pink salmon is mild-flavored and has pale pink flesh. We use this fish for our marinated products.

Q: Are Morey’s Products Gluten Free?

Morey’s offers a variety of Gluten Free products in our marinated and smoked product lines. For details on which products are gluten free, go to the product section and view the item you are interested in.

Q: Is light-colored salmon okay to eat?

Wild salmon can vary drastically in color, and after cooking becomes even more pale (at times gray in appearance) and may lose some taste. You have the right fish, but because it is a wild product, its appearance can vary, and each species also varies in color. Keta and pink salmon, which are the wild products Morey’s uses, are both paler species of salmon.

Q: Can I re-freeze marinated seafood?

If product was purchased frozen, put in freezer and use within 12 months or the “best if used by” date on the package. We do not recommend refreezing the fish if it has already been thawed, as it could alter the quality of the fish.

Q: Where are Morey’s products processed?

The fish is processed and value-added at our plant in Motley, Minnesota.