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Frequently Asked Questions

The freshest of answers to all of your seafood questions are right here.

Q: Is frozen fish as good as fresh fish?

Yes. Our selection of sustainable, premium-quality seafood is marinated to perfection and frozen at the height of freshness. Grocery counter fish is often frozen and thawed before sale, allowing more time for the thawed fish to go bad.

We believe premium taste comes with premium responsibility. So, it is our duty to help protect our oceans and their inhabitants. We are dedicated to environmentally responsible aquaculture practices. We carefully choose our suppliers to ensure they are highly reputable: nearly all of our seafood is sourced from certified suppliers or from Fishery Improvement Projects working towards sustainability certification.

The beauty of Morey’s Seafood is that our flavors are carefully crafted so you can create a five-star dinner at home any night of the week by adding your favorite side. Our seafood can also be substituted for the main protein in many dishes. Browse our recipe section for inspiration.