December 15, 2015 by Debbie Kuehn

The New Year is nearly here and with it the competing desires to celebrate and have fun yet reflect and get serious. This is the time of year we make heartfelt resolutions to help us live better. And then wonder how we’ll keep them.

If you haven’t penned your 2016 New Year’s resolutions yet, here are some ideas that are so simple and full of common sense you won’t have to resolve yourself to do anything at all. It will just happen naturally.

  1. Put seafood on the menu at least twice a week. Besides providing protein, Morey’s products contain valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that adding Omega-3s to your diet may decrease your risk for heart disease, some cancers, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. And don’t forget how easy it is to make a Morey’s meal. Bake it, broil it, grill it or microwave it too. Every package contains the perfect serving size, with delicious marinade sealed in with the fish.
  2. Visit somewhere you’ve never been before. More and more people are putting “travel” on their resolution lists but it doesn’t have to be overseas, which can be expensive. Traveling can expose you to new worlds and cultures, but don’t forget there is no place like home, too. Maybe your “trip” is something a little closer, like to a small town in your state that you’ve always wondered about. Or that park you drive by daily on your way to work. Or even that new museum you’ve just never been to. It is possible to find surprises right in your own backyard.
  3. Improve your relationships. Another common New Year’s resolution is to “work on my relationship with…” But this can take time and results aren’t guaranteed to occur overnight. Sometimes you don’t even know where to begin. Start by making a list of people you care about. Think about how much value you add to their life, and they to yours. Then let them know how much they mean to you. It seems like a small, simple thing––but it can mean the world to the people you tell and can help strengthen any relationship.
  4. Step it up. The magic number for losing weight and preventing diseases is 10,000 steps a day, according to health experts. But if that seems daunting, remember that just adding 2,000 steps a day can make a big difference. Wear a pedometer then take the stairs instead of the elevator, park a block or two farther from work, and walk a few fast laps around the mall. There are also smartphone apps that keep track of your steps but make sure you’re carrying the phone when you’re on the move. Once you’ve hit 2,000, add another 2,000. It adds up fast and it can be fun to find new ways to rack up the steps.
  5. Eat less fat. It can be as simple as it sounds. Every week, permanently trade one processed food — cookies, crackers, or potato chips — for an apple, red pepper or other fruit or vegetable. These foods will lower your blood pressure and help you lose weight. They are also antioxidant-rich to help your body battle disease. Better yet, ditch the chips and keep a few packs of Morey’s Imitation Crabmeat/Surimi in the freezer and thaw some out for a fresh instant snack full of protein when a craving arrives. Or throw it in a salad for an extra special––and healthy––lunch.
  6. Be kind. Before you get out of bed each morning, spend a few quiet moments thinking of one nice thing you can do for yourself today. Call your best friend––or, better yet, your mom. Run yourself a hot bath and then lounge in it for a half hour. Treat yourself to favorite chocolate bar or cafe latte. If you like to cook, spend some time in the kitchen making yourself a special seafood entrée like Mustard Herb Glazed Salmon with Morey’s scrumptious salmon fillets or Spinach Pot Pie with Morey’s Seasoned Grill Tilapia fillets. But whatever you do, make sure to honor yourself for at least a half hour each day.

Have a great year! Good luck and bon appétit.