For consumers looking for delicious seafood products, they need look no further than Morey’s Seafood. Based in the heart of Minnesota’s lake country, Morey’s provides tasty, responsibly sourced, easy-to-prepare seafood available all across the nation. This means that eating delicious seafood does not require a trip to a fancy restaurant, just a walk to your own freezer.

Where Can I Buy Morey’s Seafood?

Morey’s products are available in many retails locations across the nation, so chances are Morey’s can be found at a store near you. Dedicated to providing affordable high-quality seafood products, Morey’s makes it easy to prepare restaurant quality meals in the comfort of your home. Some of the retailers that carry Morey’s seafood products include:

  • Costco
  • Cub Foods
  • H.E.B. Stores
  • Publix
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walmart
  • And many more! Many stores carry Morey’s seafood products, so visit the website to find a retail location near you.
Environmentally Responsible

Morey’s commitment to quality means providing seafood products in a responsible way. Dedicated to environmental concerns like clean water and renewable resources, the company works with many external groups and agencies to see that these goals are met. Morey’s cares about their employees, too, and is committed to the dignity and development of their people, as well as consistent improvement of their seafood products.

Feeding Employees, Feeding America

Morey’s is proud of the part they play, in both the food supply chain, and in their contribution to the global economy. They refer to it as “All the Families We Feed”. When you buy Morey’s products to serve to your family, your family is fed a great seafood meal; but it goes deeper than that. The staff at Morey’s gets to feed their families as a result, and many other families get to put food on their tables due, in part, to that very same purchase. Grocers, fishermen, truck drivers, farmers and an assortment of artisans are all involved in the creation and packaging of Morey’s products. All feed their families thanks in part to that sale. It’s a small role in the very big global picture, but Morey’s is proud of that role nonetheless.

Morey’s Seafood

For fresh-tasting, delicious, and convenient seafood products, look no further than Morey’s Seafood International. With a variety of retailers across the country, Morey’s can make adding seafood to your diet as easy as opening your freezer. Visit the website for more information, or, for a deeper connection, join the online community on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.